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We design, develop and improve technology solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Our goal is to become a key partner in the era of digital mobility.

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Our Stories

Our expertise areas comprise all the current mobility sectors, including digital distribution of vehicles, parking and mobility solutions for companies. These traditional sectors offer new product opportunities on areas such as IoT and Big Data applied to vehicles and infrastructure.

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Bot on

Technologies used:
Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Docker, Rancher, Consul, PostgreSQL, PostGIS

Postgresql Rails Consul
Vue Docker Rnahcer
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BotOn: the future of connected vehicles

BotOn is a B2B intelligence platform that provides mobility data services to businesses in the automotive industry. BotOn does this by processing data collected by different capturing devices such as OBD’s, mobile phones or connected vehicles to provide invaluable insights such as detailed trips reports, fuel consumption, real time geo location, vehicle health diagnostics and driving behaviour. This offers the ability to forecast when a car should need to go to a workshop or be informed in real time if any vehicle of a fleet has been damaged or stolen.

We were contracted at the initiation phase of the project and took responsibility for building the core technological architecture on which BotOn is based. Working tightly with the projects team we designed a system that would be versatile and could work for individuals as well as for businesses. The core services included detailed trip analysis, real-time geolocation tracking, vehicle diagnostics and a push notification system for both end users and management. We also developed an API that third-party developers could use to integrate BotOn services into their applications.

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Trive: an advanced e-commerce platform

Trive is the first end-to-end vehicle e-commerce platform in Europe. It is an elegant and smart solution for anyone looking to find, try or purchase a car. With the support of industry experts and the implementation of advanced technologies, the platform provides users with an interactive, comprehensive and rewarding car purchasing experience.

We were contracted to build their vehicle e-commerce platform from the start which included several innovative features, such as Live Video or Test Drive that allows users to inspect the vehicle from their computer or phone while being explained by an expert and request a real free test drive from the comfort of their home.


Technologies used:
Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, WebRTC, jQuery, Slim, SASS, PostgreSQL, Amazon AWS

Rails Terraform Jquery
docker Postgresql Sass
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Technologies used:
Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Docker, Sass, Amazon Web Services, Jenkins, Elastic Search

Aws Rails Elastic
Vue Docker Sass
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Fleeet: a unique subscription-based marketplace for car fleets

We are strong believers in the sharing economy and that it will play a crucial role in the future. Through Fleeet we have helped car owners earn money as well as drivers to find a car when they need it. That is why our experience building this platform has been more than inspiring.

Fleeet contacted us to help them build their marketplace platform that allows individuals and businesses to monetise their unused vehicles through a rental based subscription model. Once an owner has registered a vehicle it becomes available on their marketplace website allowing anyone to rent it through a simple checkout experience. All subscriptions integrate insurance which is automatically calculated at checkout, whilst subscription payments are automatically collected through direct debit or credit card gateways.

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The right partner in the right place

connected mobility hub

As part of our actions to promote the creation of mobility projects we have teamed up with Connected Mobility HUB. The HUB is an acceleration channel which supports and promotes startups that aspire to change the paradigm of mobility with the digitalisation of the sector. As our strategic partners, we collaborate with corporates, investors and entrepreneurs in order to accelerate the new mobility.