Building the future of connected vehicles.

BotOn is a B2B intelligence platform that provides mobility data services to drivers and businesses in the automotive industry.

The intelligent mobility platform.

We were contracted for the ideation and creation of building the core technological architecture on which BotOn is based. Working tightly with the projects team, we designed a system that would be versatile and could work for individuals as well as for businesses. The core services included detailed trip analysis, real-time geolocation tracking, vehicle diagnostics and a push notification system for both end-users and management.

We also developed an API that third-party developers could use to integrate BotOn services into their applications.

Boton dashboard

Endless use cases for automotive businesses

Although BotOn is still in its infant phase, it’s applications are endless. Currently, there are already car renting business and automobile manufacturers using it to track and monitor their vehicle fleets.

Improving maintenance and cost control

BotOn brings the opportunity for fleets and manufacturers to keep an updated status of each vehicle at all times. Offering the ability to forecast when a car should be scheduled for maintenance or be informed in real-time if any vehicle of a fleet has been damaged or stolen.

Statistics and graphics

Built for fleet drivers, managers and sales

Whether you are a business, a driver or a sales representative, our tool is highly flexible and can be adapted to various user roles. We built BotOn to be robust so that it can adjust to multiple use cases and allow for future customizations.

Example of fleet driver

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