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Glownet provides RFID contactless solutions for the live event industry, particularly music festivals.

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Building the backbone of Glownet

Glownet reached out to us in their early days to help them build the core of their system. Our responsibility was mainly to provide a backend system that would connect RFID devices to an administration portal that allows the devices to be managed, including credit purchases through service stations and global sales monitoring.

We additionally built end-user interfaces that would allow online credit purchases and refunds to take place as well as integrating its services with third-party ticketing systems that would enable users to preorder credits on checkout.

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Used by recognized brands worldwide

Glownet has deployed its fully cashless services at over 600 events across 40 countries worldwide with over 4 million unique activations. Clients and partners include Spotify, Live Nation, Sonar, Mad Cool, South Summit and many more major festival organisers.

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A 100% Branded user experience

We built a mobile-first and highly customizable user interface so that each client could integrate their brand into their customer journey. Our builder allows clients not only to select a brand colour and upload header images but also allows uploading of custom CSS to give them full freedom to promote their brand.

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A true self-service technology. Ticket activations, cash top-ups and more

The focus of our solution was to save queue-times and to grow revenue. The user is at the centre and in control of all the actions, from allowing users to activate their tickets themselves to allowing them to add credit to their accounts while triggering them with up-sales and add-ons.

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