Disrupting the auto ecommerce market.

Trive is the first end to end vehicle ecommerce platform in Europe. It is a smart solution that allows people to discover, try and buy a car.

An advanced custom built ecommerce platform for the automotive industry.

We were contracted to build Trive's vehicle ecommerce platform from scratch with several innovative features, such as Live Video or Test Drive. These features would allow users to inspect the vehicle from their computer or phone while being described by an expert as well as allowing users to request a physical free test drive.

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Empowering car dealers with start-to-finish online sales tech

The Trive platform allows car dealers to showcase their stock while assisting customers in purchasing the right vehicle through a seamless checkout experience that incorporates car customizations as well as financing and insurance options.

Customizable financing calculator at checkout

Car purchases are normally handled through bank financing. That is why we built in a customizable financing calculator that would enable clients to configure their loan according to their needs. Once the client requests the purchase, the loan request is triggered directly to the bank including all documentation, which simplifies the whole process of buying a car.

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On-demand virtual tours and physical test drives

To satisfy the customers demand of wanting to see and feel the car before making a purchase. We integrated a virtual tour functionality, which guides clients through the vehicle features while examining the vehicle through real-time video. Besides this feature, users can also request for a physical test drive by just by completing a form the car will be dropped off at your location for you give it a spin.

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