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We want to contribute to business recovery after Covid-19. This is why we have created RecoveryRocket, our 100% free program for all businesses whose activity has been affected by the pandemic.

Tell us about your project and get a free week working with our software developers and product designers.


What will you get?

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    Test your product or business concept with our product design team

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    Let our full-stack developers check, validate and improve your technological infrastructure.

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    Step up and play big!

100% free. 100% remote.


Slick. Agile. Remote.

We’re here to make your ideas come to life, rapidly and remotely. With the right tools for collaboration and our experienced designers and developers in place, we can get you moving immediately.

We’re here to help

  • bullet point 1 Companies and intrapreneurs looking to build their corporate ventures and spinoffs
  • bullet point 2 Startups willing to accelerate growth and succeed
  • bullet point 3 Innovative entrepreneurs looking for an impact with their new projects

See the difference

Acid Tango employees are working hard to ensure your projects are built to succeed from their homes. Our outstanding design and development teams work together to help clients achieve goals, exceed expectations, and deliver more valuable customer experiences.

Bot on Bot on logo

BotOn is a B2B intelligence platform that provides mobility data services to drivers and businesses in the automotive industry.

Happets Happets logo

Happets is a revolutionary algorithm-based solution that creates tailored dog food based on the owners' answers to a few questions about their pets.

Synergie Synergie logo

Synergie has redefined how technology is implemented in the human resource industry by digitalising and automating endless amounts of paperwork.


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