We design exciting digital products for real people.

We strongly believe good design is at the heart of every successful product. We seek simplicity, clarity and intuitiveness to be the focus of the user experience in all our products.

Let's get creative

Digital Product Makers

Clarity, ease of use and intuitiveness are all vital components for sound user experience. We like to wrap up these core values with pixel-perfect details to give your product that wow factor that will make it stand out from the rest.

Developing outstanding solutions is not easy. That’s why we follow creative methodologies to achieve a high-quality handcrafted digital product.


It's of utmost importance to have a 360° view on the problem our clients are trying to solve. For that, we must first define the needs and wants of both our clients and their users, as well as getting an accurate understanding of the market and its competitors.

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • UX research
  • Product audit

Creative Ideation

Once the research is complete, we start designing and testing solutions by following our design processes. This is a concurrent iterative process which requires continuous testing and redesigning.

  • Brainstorming
  • Product flow design
  • Wireframe design
  • Testing prototypes
  • High fidelity designs
  • Beta testing
  • Design refinement

Design Handoff

As designs get finalised, we prepare the definitive files and guides so developers can kick-off the development phase. To improve the execution of the project and ensure quality, our product designers work hands-on with developers assisting them in understanding functionalities and other design decisions.

  • UI kits
  • Design Systems
  • Design documentation

Product Management

When the project is live, our work continues. Through different product analysis tools, we monitor and examine how users interact with our products, providing us with real insights of how we can enhance its performance.

  • Usability testing
  • A/B testing
  • Metrics analysis
  • Product roadmap prioritisation

What people say

"Acid Tango is our go-to technology partner for the latest knowledge and trends in product development. Having these specialists on board is of the utmost relevance for a startup, as they give us confidence that we are covered with what we need to know and implement today, and might need tomorrow."

"The Acid Tango squad has an outstanding level of commitment and their absolute integration with Synergie’s team has really added value. They aren’t just writing code for a requested feature, they’re part of the entire creative process and have helped us introduce new techniques and technologies to our codebase."

"Wondo: Acid Tango joined us to speed up the launch of new mobility services. It was a fast and efficient plug-and-play integration with our product and engineering team. Not only they managed to significantly reduce the time of development of new features, but also incorporated new best practices of design and development to our company."

"Acid Tango has continually exceeded expectations, helping not just with the product redesign, optimizing user experience and user interaction, but with continuous monitoring and iterations. Their tech methodology and strong agile culture have profoundly impacted in our work routines. I particularly appreciate how proactive and dedicated the team has been."

Rodrigo Sarmiento - Co-founder @ Descifra

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