We are a team of motivated thinkers and doers who love to get jaw-dropping products done.

Our culture is built around cultivating a collaborative and supportive enviroment, characterised by trust, respect, & recognition.
What we loveGather and celebrate our accomplishments as a team in regular all-hands meetings, team buildings, & casual get-togethers.
We're quite
comitted to...
  • Pair programming
  • Local pubs
  • Collaborative tools
  • Eating out together
  • Videogames Championships
  • Maintainable code
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Birthday cakes
Our values
Dedication imageDedication

For us, dedication is helping a team member who needs assistance, who is struggling. It’s asking, “how can I help” and pitching in wherever you can to help other people even when they’re working on a different project. We promote transversality and believe everyone should contribute to the performance of the team. We’re also committed to personal development, which translates into periodical performance reviews, one-on-ones, internal documentation of our methodologies and processes, honest feedback, and communication.

Dedication image
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© 2024 Acid Tango S.L.
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