From your idea, to MVP & beyond

Whether you are building something from scratch or escalating an existing digital product, our team of developers, designers, and strategists have your back.
Our ultimate goal is to design, develop, and improve innovative products that will make a difference.
INCEPTION & FEASIBILITYUnderstanding your business viability and requirementsUnderstanding your business viability and requirementsEven before signing a contract, our pre-sales professionals will perform extensive research to understand your business model, feasibility, and technological needs to step in your shoes from minute 1.Discover how our strategic analysis can help you
Understanding your business viability and requirements
RESEARCH & DEFINESetting the stage for innovative solutionsSetting the stage for innovative solutionsOur results-driven solutions are based on research and insights that support the strategic growth of your products. We will use that knowledge to fuel practical solutions and build successful applications.Learn more about our research skills
Setting the stage for innovative solutions
UX, UI & VISUAL DESIGNCreating compelling experiences that drive user acquisitionCreating compelling experiences that drive user acquisitionWe seek simplicity, clarity, and intuitiveness as the focus of the user experience in all our products. Our approach to design is human first, with comfortable interactions and aesthetic consistency. The craft here is not in just answering the functional brief, it’s in creating something that is experientially amazing too.Read more about our design practice
Creating compelling experiences that drive user acquisition
CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENTCoding the future one push at a timeCoding the future one push at a timeWe define, develop, and deploy robust solutions that work at a scale, carefully selecting the technology stack that best fits each use case. We make decisions based on software architecture best practices, patterns, and clean code principles, and always make sure to run frequent tests to identify potential problems.Get to know more about our custom development work
Coding the future one push at a time
MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENTCustom mobile apps to get your droids on steroidsCustom mobile apps to get your droids on steroidsGrow your business with a custom Android or iOs app. Be it a native or hybrid app, we optimise the code and design of your mobile application with the latest technological standards to ensure the best performance.Learn more about our mobile development abilities
Custom mobile apps to get your droids on steroids
CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURECloud-native products to increase efficiency and securityCloud-native products to increase efficiency and securityInnovate faster with our agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. We deliver cloud-native containerised apps built with scalability, security, and performance in mind.Let’s jump on the cloud
Cloud-native products to increase efficiency and security
DATA ANALYSISUnleash the power of data to iterate and scale your productUnleash the power of data to iterate and scale your productMaximise the value of your business through data analytics. We help you in the process of collecting, inspecting, transforming, and modelling all sorts of data (such as usage information and app analytics), to discover meaningful information for better decision making.Know more about our data science skills
Unleash the power of data to iterate and scale your product
VENTURE BUILDING SERVICESWhat corporates and venture builders dream ofWhat corporates and venture builders dream ofWe provide a set of services including professional consulting, interim management (CTO/CPO), strategic vision, knowledge transfer, and hiring assistance among others, to help you skyrocket your MVP in a matter of weeks.Learn more about how to accelerate your success
What corporates and venture builders dream of
OUR APPROACHThis is how magic happens at different stages of your productFrom understanding your business needs, to discovery, design, development, and analysis, we will seamlessly integrate with your team and support you at all times. At Acid Tango, we approach every project as an opportunity to deliver bespoke solutions in state-of-the-art technologies.Explore our work process
CASE STUDIESSome of our success stories
Disrupting the auto ecommerce market
Step into the house of your dreams with Libeen
Connecting smart service areas with truck drivers and fleet managers.
Are you ready to build your digital product?
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