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Geolocation intelligence platform for businesses

DESCIFRA provides business intelligence based on maps and data analytics. It has a strong data infrastructure that enables the user to get direct insights from the business.
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What is this project about?
Growing business goals with intelligence

DESCIFRA is a geospatial intelligence and analysis platform aimed at helping companies make wiser business decisions related to geographic information. It uses machine learning, advanced analytics, and Big Data in order to get valuable insights regarding the operative and marketing potential of a particular location.

It is one of the first companies to create automated data processes with geographic information systems (GIS) and to offer it as a user-friendly Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription.

DESCIFRA hired us to work alongside its backend team in the design and implementation of their new product.

Descifra product definition process
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Growing business goals with intelligence

Companies can increase profits and reduce costs by finding the locations with the highest growth potential, knowing the ideal product mix, or where a marketing campaign will have the most significant impact, to name a few.

Through predictive analytics algorithms, Descifra helps companies to seize opportunities efficiently, with a 95% confidence interval.

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A complete, intuitive dashboard

The dashboard interface allows businesses to select their area of interest and have access to a wide array of data from that sector. It also enables users to compare different areas, as well as download an automated report with all that information.

Companies can also have access to premium information gathered and curated by DESCIFRA. This is a paid functionality, in which we have integrated payment methods.

Crafting our Design Process
We followed our product design methodology to ensure that user experience and business goals are always our top priority.
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