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Libeen is a proptech startup which has reinvented homeownership by allowing users to access affordable homeownership via a simple, smart, and flexible rent-to-buy lease format.
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What is this project about?
A custom-made proptech platform to revolutionise the real estate industry

Libeen is a real estate marketplace that provides access to housing in an easy, flexible, and smart way for young people. It allows people to purchase a fully renovated and furnished house in the centre of Madrid using their monthly rent to buy it.

We were hired to build Libeen's platform, including features such as a robust backend, an intuitive wizard component, and a search and filter option for various characteristics, as well as options to request a scheduled visit, talk to support, etc.

Democratising access to
housing finance
Libeen has become the go-to app for millennials looking to buy an affordable, fully furnished home in the city centre.
Libeen site screenshots
A strong back office made to scale
We focused on easing property acquisition through the back office. We also created a neat flow so the client can explore and use the property search tools, as well as manage all their documents.
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A wizard to help you find your dream home
To help users find their perfect home, we designed a step-by-step wizard to fully understand their preferences and lifestyles.Having completed the wizard, users are presented with a list of all the properties available that match their requirements and wishes.
User admin area
The platform includes a user admin area that enables clients to see in detail all the information related to their contract. This allows them to easily understand their payment history as well as manage maintenance requests.
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A brand-new responsive design system
We have put great effort into making Libeen suitable for all sorts of devices, so that users can always access all areas of the application.In order to eliminate inconsistencies, speed up our work process, and allow the product to scale in the future, we created a robust design system including all styles and components. They can be easily reused in the future to create new sections and features.
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