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Striking the right chord: enhancing accessibility through a great web design for Sonar Music Festival

The web platform is impeccably responsive, adapting seamlessly across devices, promising an accessible and inclusive environment for all. With a commitment to speed and efficiency, page loads are super-fast, reducing bounce rates and ensuring the audience stays connected to the vibrant energy of the festival. The fusion of stellar web design and a passion for music has crafted a groundbreaking online experience for this renowned musical festival.
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Capturing the beauty of Sonar through minimalist web design

Reflecting the festival's great energy and artistic spirit, this new website encapsulates the event's essence through a striking visual concept. The design combines aesthetic simplicity with a bold minimalist approach, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty.

Essential information is intuitively placed, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility, and enhancing user engagement. The design's thoughtful arrangement emulates the festival's vibe, from the overarching visual theme down to the smallest detail.

The result is a captivating digital landscape that resonates with the festival's ethos and adds to the overall experience, painting a vivid picture of what to expect from the vibrant Sonar Music Festival.

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In-Depth Research for Informed Design
Our journey to transform Sónar's digital experience began with rigorous research, combining desk research and stakeholder interviews to understand the festival's ecosystem, activities, ticket segmentation, communication milestones, and festival timeline.
We also leveraged Sónar's Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics data to gather quantitative and qualitative insights, including user navigation patterns, page visitation statistics, heatmaps, and session recordings. Complementing this, we conducted six in-depth user interviews with festival-goers matching Sónar's ticket segmentation to identify key user journey pain points. This meticulous research laid the foundation for a more user-centric and effective digital platform for Sónar.
Enhancing User Experience through Information Architecture
We focused on improving information accessibility and comprehension by redesigning the festival's information architecture. Our approach involved creating a two-tiered menu structure: a main menu highlighting festival-specific details like lineups and timetables, and a global menu for less immediately relevant content such as image galleries and past editions.
We also analyzed the homepage's composition and content order to prioritize the most important information for users. Additionally, we integrated essential content from the Sónar+D sub-site into the main site to create a seamless digital journey. These enhancements aimed to make the Sónar festival website more intuitive and user-centric.
Sonar app screenshot
Sonar app screenshot
Mobile-First Design: Prioritizing User Accessibility
In our pursuit of a superior digital experience for Sónar, we adopted a “Mobile-First Design” approach as a foundational solution. This strategy prioritized designing and developing for mobile devices before considering larger screens, aligning with the evolving digital landscape and the increasing reliance on smartphones for information access.
Central to this approach was the recognition of white space as an essential design element. By embracing white space, we created breathing room in the layout, allowing content to breathe and ensuring a clutter-free, visually pleasing experience for users. We also adhered to the principle of providing clear and concise information, a crucial aspect in the age of quick browsing and information consumption.
Empowering Sónar’s Autonomy with Pre-Designed Flexible Modules
To enhance our client's control over their digital presence, we introduced a “Library of Pre-Designed Flexible Modules.” This library enabled them to easily create and edit web pages, granting unprecedented control.
We provided a diverse set of modules that acted as building blocks, allowing the client to arrange and display information according to evolving festival needs. This solution streamlined content management, enabling quick responses to changing circumstances and ensuring a relevant and engaging digital experience for Sónar's festival-goers.
Sonar app screenshot
Sonar app screenshot
Optimizing Line-Up Presentation: Scalable Page Layout
Ensuring a stellar user experience is paramount, especially during critical moments like when users rush to buy tickets after the lineup is announced. These peak periods demand a well-designed and efficient website to accommodate the surge in traffic.
During such moments, Sónar Music Festival's website impressively handles a substantial load, with the capacity to support 20K to 30K concurrent visits. This exceptional scalability allows festival-goers to access vital information seamlessly, such as lineup details and ticket purchases. The website's ability to deliver a smooth and hassle-free experience during high-traffic times underscores its effectiveness and reliability, contributing significantly to the success of Sónar's digital presence.
Timetable Display and Ticket Segmentation: A User-Centric Solution
We enhanced the user experience by introducing a responsive timetable layout with filtering and sorting options. Activities were organized chronologically, categorized by day, time, stage, and type, allowing users to quickly find what interests them. Ticket filtering by type personalized views, and dedicated detail pages provided in-depth information.
We also revamped ticket segmentation, grouping ticket types with informative cards and adaptable layouts. Pricing lists and preview modules on the homepage simplified ticket selection, improving user accessibility and engagement on the Sónar festival website.
Sonar app screenshot
Setting a New Beat with new Sónar website
The collaboration between Sónar and Acid Tango culminated in a successful digital transformation. The festival now possesses a user-centric, adaptable website that enables them to control their digital communication effectively.
This achievement not only enhances the overall user experience but also strengthens Sónar's position as a pioneer in the electronic music and digital culture festival scene, further solidifying their status as a trailblazer in the industry.
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