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Connecting smart service areas with truck drivers and fleet managers

Yubick is a platform committed to making logistics smarter with access to the real-time information of Exolum's smart service areas.
It's the first European integrated service solution for transportation professionals.
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What is this project about?
Building a robust platform to manage the service areas of the future

We were contracted to design and develop Yubick's smart areas management system for truck fleet companies and freelance drivers.

The app incorporates features such as social and biometric login, smart locking, license plate detection, integration with multiple physical devices, generation of automated individual codes and integration of services.

Yubick is created by Exolum, an entity which focuses on identifying and developing new business opportunities for the Exolum Group. Exolum is a leading international company in the transport and storage of petroleum products in Europe.

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Yubick app backoffice screenshot
BACK OFFICEReal-time services information
Truck drivers must keep strict travel and rest times. Real-time information about services on route -such as laundry rooms, refuelling spots, showers, supermarkets, catering areas- and availability of rest areas to stay overnight eases their journeys.This solution does not only provide a better service for drivers, it also gives service areas operators the ability to closely monitor the use of their spaces.
A fully scalable solution for European highways
Smart truck service information is part of the ambition to solve truck driving problems along Europe's highways, which the European Commission has highlighted to be a priority action to be taken care of.This secure smart solution is an internationally scalable business model and can be easily implemented at other locations owned by Exolum.
Yubick app screenshots
Strategy and processes
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