Understanding your business viability and requirements

What does this process consist of?The customer’s vision of a future digital product can vary from a nebulous concept to an elaborate specification. Therefore, even before signing a project, we undertake intensive research to be on the same wavelength. Conducting this research allows us to analyse your business model strategy, understand your technological needs, define your MVP, consider your funding, and ultimately validate your viability.
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As a result, we will come up with a product plan which will outline your business objectives, roadmap, profiles included in your team, and costs associated with the project.
Goals &
  • One week of initial assessment
  • Definition of business objectives
  • Tech stack assessment
  • Completely confidential (NDA signed)
  • Strategy & tech professionals
  • Industry-specific approach
  • Feasibility study
  • Holistic vision of the project
A comprehensive approach to digital product craft

We will use this knowledge to conduct thorough user and competitors research to fuel design solutions. Our UX/UI design team, together with our proficient software engineers, will bring your business idea to life in an efficient, agile way, and you will also benefit from constant data analysis of your product. Having launched your digital product, you and the Acid Tango team will explore other resources that can be helpful for these early stages, such as technical and product management profiles, help with hiring, knowledge transfer workshops, and more.

What’s next?Discover, research, and validate. We will conduct several service design workshops to create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences that will ultimately lead to a proof of concept.Setting the stage for innovative solutions
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Their willingness to complete the project despite the budget limitations was quite notable.
Rodrigo Sarmiento
CASE STUDIESSome of our success stories
Disrupting the auto ecommerce market
Step into the house of your dreams with Libeen
Connecting smart service areas with truck drivers and fleet managers.
Are you ready to build your digital product?
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