Custom mobile apps to get your droids on steroids

Bringing stunning digital experiences come to life
From ideation to design, development, and deployment, Acid Tango can assist with every step of the digital product cycle, making launching a new solution or improving an existing one a seamless experience.
What does this process consist of?We provide seamless user experiences across all mobile devices for industries ranging from mobility and finance, to retail and entertainment. Our apps are made from scratch to match your unique business needs and user preferences. Your app will be built by qualified, experienced, and passionate mobile app developers and UX/UI designers who see their work as pieces of art. They will deliver the precise features, functionalities, and experiences your users are looking for.
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Our mobile apps comply with strict standards of App Store and Google Play. We will submit your application to the stores, and stay by your side until it’s released.
Goals &
  • Project management
  • iOs and Android native app development
  • Hybrid cross-platform development
  • Best software development practices
  • Test-driven development
  • Mobile UX/UI design
  • Scalable architecture
  • After launch support
End to end digital product solutions

Once your product is live, our venture building solutions, including hiring assistance, technical, and product management profiles, knowledge transfer and upskilling services, will help you scale up your product in no time.

What’s next?Our backend and DevOps professionals will build scalable cloud app development solutions from the ground up, efficiently migrate your system into the cloud, as well as maintain it all the way through.Cloud-native products to increase efficiency and security
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Their willingness to complete the project despite the budget limitations was quite notable.
Rodrigo Sarmiento
CASE STUDIESSome of our success stories
Disrupting the auto ecommerce market
Step into the house of your dreams with Libeen
Connecting smart service areas with truck drivers and fleet managers.
Are you ready to build your digital product?
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© 2024 Acid Tango S.L.
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